Manufacturer of plastic Lined Piping, Valves & Equipments.


  • Pressure range : 0-16 bar
  • Temperature range : 0 to 200 deg. C
  • Vacuum resistance: Full vacuum
  • Face to face : ANSI B16.10 narrow
  • Flange drilling :ANSI B16.42 / B16.5-150#
  • options : DIN PN 10/16


  • Available in Wafer type or Lug Type design.
  • One piece disc-stem design prevents any disc-stem hysteresis andguarantees accurate positioning of disc in open/close condition.
  • Disc, Stem are made in investment casting.
  • Choice of four different fluoroplastic Disc lining materials toprovide corrosion and temperature resistance for almost allapplications
  • Blow-out proof stem.
  • Extra thick locked-in-lining for high vacuum rating (min. 3mm).
  • Blow-out proof stem.
  • Unique packing system. Self adjusting with permanent loading(Stainless steel Belleville springs)
  • Integrated Actuator mounting : For applications requiringautomatic actuation and for manual actuation of large size Valvesdirect mounting of ISO 5211 compliant quarter tum actuator.
  • External protection against corrosion with epoxy coating,stainless steel fasteners.


  • Lockable handles: For applications which require protectionagainstinadvertent opening or closing of the levers which can be locked usingpadlocks can be provided
  • Extended Stem: For applications requiring insulation of the pipeline orfor ease of operation, the valves can be supplied with an extendedstem, along with an ISO 5211 actuator mounting flange.

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