Manufacturer of plastic Lined Piping, Valves & Equipments.

  • Computer Aided Design and drafting (CADD)
  • Molding of PTFE tube liners Paste Extrusion
  • Molding of PTFE parts by Compression Molding
  • Sintering of raw molded or extruded parts/liners
  • Lining of iron/steel pipes and fittings using plastic tube liners
  • Lining of Vessels / Columns using seamless or welded liners
  • Lining of iron/steel parts & fittings by Injection Molding
  • Lining of iron/steel parts & fittings by Transfer Molding
  • Machining the Plastic lining of lined parts/fittings
  • Assembly of valve/fitting components
  • Testing of final products
  • Painting and finishing of final products

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