Manufacturer of plastic Lined Piping, Valves & Equipments.

PLASTRULON manufactures plastic lined piping as per the ASTM F1545 standard with a variety of shell and lining materials. Minimum lining thicknesses as per standard are maintained.


PTFE lined pipes are manufactured using paste extruded liners manufactured in Plastrulon's own facility. Paste extrusion is the most preferred process of manufacturing liners for the chemical process industry as it results in best quality liners with high tensile strength, high density and low porosity. PVDF and PP liners are made by standard melt extrusion process. PTFE pipe lining is done using the interference fit method which ensures snug fit of liner inside the housing and excellent liner stability for applications involving temperature cycling. Flange drilling is generally as per ANSI B16.5 150# or DIN PN10/16.


Lined fittings are provided either with a fabricated steel body or with a cast ductile iron / cast steel body. Lining is carried out either using paste extruded liners (PTFE) or by in-situ injection/transfer molding for melt processable resins (PFA, FEP, PVDF & PP). Locked lining may be provided in case of molded lining for better vacuum resistance with lower lining thicknesses. Face to face dimensions and flange drilling are generally as per ANSI B16.5 150# or DIN PN10 / 16.


Plastrulon also manufactures other special fittings and accessories like Bellows / expansion joints, Strainers, Filters, Dip pipes , spargers etc. These can be custom-made as per specifications provided.

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